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The spray grade, moisture cured urethane laminating adhesive produces a semi-hard, semi elastic bond which is especially well suited with the use of paper Foam. Urethane adhesive provides an excellent resistance to heat, cold, and moisture approved as a Type II, Class 2 adhesive by the International Conference of Building Officials (Refer to ICBO report No. 3462). Foam composite panel

LIKE that little girl in Longfellow’s famous poem, the housing market can be very good when it’s good, but also at times rather horrid. Lately, it has been in a decidedly foul mood, with single and multifamily starts this year forecast to be off roughly 15% from 2006. That translates to a substantial decline in demand for and sales of wood products, from dimensional lumber and plywood to OSB, wood I-joists, and glulam timber. The U.S. nonresidential construction market, on the other hand, which last year posted an inflation-adjusted spending increase of 6%, is expected to do even better this year. Leading segments this year, according to an American Institute of Architects forecast, will be office buildings, up 9%; hotels, up 13%, and hospitals and health care facilities, up 7%.

If that forecast proves accurate, 2006-07 will become the best two-year period for nonresidential construction since the late 1990s.In the longer term, commercial construction presents a significant opportunity not only to substantially increase wood product demand but also to lessen manufacturer, distributor and dealer reliance on new residential construction. Taking up that challenge is the Wood Products Council (WPC), an alliance of wood products industry associations whose charter members include the American Wood Council of the American Forest & Paper Association, APA-The Engineered Wood Association, Canadian Wood Council, Southern Forest Products Association, and Western Wood Products Association.

After more than 20 years as an ad-hoc vehicle to develop and coordinate wood industry market education and promotion programs in North America, the council officially incorporated as a U.S. nonprofit organization late last year in order to more effectively facilitate industry-wide initiatives to increase wood product demand. The council is governed by a board of directors comprised of 15 senior executives from the organization’s five charter associations and their members. (See sidebar at end of article.) Funding is being sought from U.S. and Canadian government agencies with matching support from the council’s member associations. The rationale for commercial construction market promotion is compelling. engineered wood product

These products are usually seasoned, dimensionally accurate and able to be produced in long lengths and large end sections to replace solid timber in critical structural applications. Strength to size and weight ratios as well as guaranteed performance normally gives engineered timbers the competitive edge when specified correctly. Make sure you obtain the appropriate manufacturer’s publications to ensure correct usage and application.

Engineered wood products are a high-performance, consistent, reliable and environmentally responsible choice for everything from construction to materials handling applications to home projects. Click on any product in the menu at left or listed below to learn more about that engineered wood product and access links to the APA members who manufacture it.

National Lumber, a company you trust for building materials, is also a leader in Engineered Wood Products, serving builders throughout New England. We deliver the difference between strong framing and efficient, superior framing. National stocks and supplies engineered lumber, beams, and I-joists.

When it comes to construction, sometimes faster is actually better. Especially when you’re talking about factory-built wall panels by Universal Forest Products. Made with precision laser technology, UFP ensures that each wall panel is constructed to exact specifications and meets the strictest quality standards. Once they arrive on site, the easy-to-understand labeling system makes installation fast, accurate, and hassle-free. Both labor- and cost-effective, Universal Forest Products wall panels are a welcomed addition to any job. WPC composite deck and rail

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