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Has been in the building materials market is the consumer ‘s fallen in love with a very clean floor recently IMAX nature thrive in nature, ” the ultimate people berserk ” Large Factory Outlet activities. In the event, with the ultimate dazzling decorative effect and wear durability and easy cleaning of IMAX excellent characteristics very clear to the floor beyond the expectations of freezing prices for tens of thousands of consumers to order , more luxury cruise couples, premium appliances draw ! The “million ultimate berserk ” Large Factory Outlet Trader headquarters organized by nature , are carrying out in the provinces and cities to meet consumers around the home decoration materials, especially IMAX extremely clear floor needs. More than 10,000 hot spot once again set a record in previous years, large-scale promotional activities , none of unprecedented magnitude also let consumers “crazy ” the one.

Colorful nature series laminate flooring launched IMAX extremely clean floors, decorative design mainly manifested as the core , focusing on floor texture natural realism. Featured rare high-end wood textures , using high-definition technology to restore, demanding to achieve a natural wood grain and natural color. Production of wear-resistant coating process using advanced technology , with a high of 70 degrees �� 5 hot plates made ??of light , reaching the grain crisp and clear, transparent and bright , feel comfortable effect , is the imitation wood floor high-light technology in high-end products . Decorative ornate noble sense , dazzling.

IMAX extremely clean floor with high optical molding process , with good decorative effect. Currently flooring industry saw a lot of brands in this market outlook , also introduced a similar product . Due to the current level of technology to the product master uneven , there are still some differences on some similar product quality. The simplest way to identify high- floor light on the pros and cons of two words: “clear “, ” soft” , “smooth” , ” flip” , representing clarity, fullness , smoothness and brightness to these four characteristics to identify the basis for .

“Clear ” Nature IMAX floor texture is very clear for the design of high-end wood texture material, the use of advanced high-definition printing retinal imaging principle , and in the production process used spray wearable technology to improve the permeability of the plate surface texture , clear and color saturation. While the ordinary high-gloss floor careful observation will find details of the deal rough fuzzy texture , less delicate nature.

” Sophie ,” the series plate surface using 70 degrees �� 5 degrees hot high brightness mirror template , the product surface oil sexy strong visual texture is rich and full , flexible full.

” Shun” natural flooring HDF substrate using a higher level of high-density fiber material , more raw materials such as pine hardwood fiber ratio, the combination of high strength , good flatness . German production line adopts the most advanced DIEFFEN BACHER ( Dieffenbacher ) ‘s technology / equipment. Look to the light leveling flat and smooth, delicate and uniform. While the ordinary high-gloss flooring material is the use of poplar , eucalyptus and other fiber raw materials , low density, low hardness , grinding uneven pressure paste after forming, the board will carefully observe the potholes and pitting.

“Flip” Colorful decorative flooring series of valuable wood species layer as a design material, through advanced technology and imported ink HD reduction printing , colorful floor surface , moderate saturation , textures layered , three-dimensional sense of strong , decorative effect comparable solid wood flooring. Ordinary high color saturation is not enough light floor , side observation, the board will pan slightly short , period of time , it will seriously faded.

Because of different selection and processes , some of the high-gloss imitation wood floors , close observation , texture rough fuzzy ; brightness of the board is not enough, poor permeability ; sidelight observation , the board will have potholes and pits ; pan slightly pale color , period of time , it will seriously faded.

In addition, the nature of IMAX very clear in all precision CNC floor molding technology to a standard temperature and precise time thermoforming , chamfered edges directly generate the floor , the wear layer, decorative layer attached to the chamfered portion , reinforced flooring sealing the splice , isolated moist air erosion and better protect the floor substrate. Overcome the common chamfer not wear, easy bleaching, after long-term use and the board texture, color , luminosity deviation larger problem. In addition, the molded floor semicircular arc chamfering groove splice , patchwork no dead ends, easy to clean , easy to possession of dirt, is essential for the health of their families . Some brands on the market of non- high-gloss floor a molding technique , chamfered parts are still using the traditional coloring process , there are differences between the product surface luminosity , after prolonged use , chamfering fade dark lines forming a section of the aesthetic impact . And the substrate exposed, vulnerable to erosion moist air , affecting life. The angle between the floor joints and this fight generated , easy possession dirt, convenient cleaning .

As consumers continue to improve the aesthetic requirements of home improvement , IMAX nature very clean floors prominent decorative effect will become a new trend in floor covering materials.

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