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Formaldehyde- board, board …… Wo Heung as people pay attention to environmental protection, many home businesses are claiming their plate “zero- formaldehyde” , which in the end is the real green sheet it? December 1 , “green sheet procurement specification ” ( hereinafter referred to as ” norms ” ) formally implemented , which were clearly defined.

“Norms” of international standards to limit emissions of hazardous substances in line , and formaldehyde-free glue for plywood production has been grading requirements , this first of its kind in the world. “Norm” is defined as the green sheet plywood adhesives used in the manufacture of formaldehyde-free adhesive, and the free formaldehyde plywood is not higher than the wood plate. And green sheet products into three grades : G1 level , G2 and G3 grade level . G1 level is the highest level for the production of non- formaldehyde glue plates, known as non-formaldehyde level ; G2 level equivalent to the Japanese F4 star standard, is the highest level of international environmental , called An aldehyde level ; G3 level of the lowest level, the equivalent of U.S. CARB P2 standard , the United States is currently the mandatory standards , equivalent to the country ‘s highest environmental level E0 current level ( formaldehyde emission �Q 0.5mg / L).

Existing national mandatory standard GB18580-2001 ” plywood interior decoration materials and products in limited release formaldehyde ” only provides E1 class (�Q 1.5mg / L) and E2 level (�Q 5.0mg / L) limit , and no provides for a higher floor and plates environmental requirements E0 level (�Q 0.5mg / L), E0 class only in some specific products specified criteria , such as ” plywood ” (GB / T 9846-2004) E0 grade plywood calibrated ” laminate flooring ” (GB18102-2007) calibration of the laminate flooring E0 class .

The status quo is no corresponding standard for formaldehyde-free adhesive plates, in June this year, the Ministry of Commerce issued a ” norm” on December 1 officially implemented . “E1 grade ( formaldehyde emission �Q 1.5 mg / L) had reached only the environmental standards. This green sheet is up to the national standards on environmental standards , based on the separation of green materials to give ‘ good enough ‘ level , so that consumers can choose to greener products . “

Since the implementation of the standards needed to protect third- party audit , and because of the limited domestic consumers for green green home plate and cognitive abilities . Therefore , China Interior Decoration Association �� Green Home Environmental Technical Working Committee Joint international certification body SGS, jointly developed a green living material audit system, the corporate audit, product inspection and audit by the company, Green RC will empower enterprises corresponding products labeled green living material 3G logo. The first batch of a total of five companies received authorization green Juwei . In the future, consumers can easily purchase through genuine green flag to the plate and green household products.

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wood plastic ceiling Spain sale
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