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Recently, the country has environmental monitoring activities continued on the floor , followed , and that is frequently the ” formaldehyde” problem exposure. As more and more brands have been “sacked ” so seemingly prevalent popularity suffered greatly challenged the concept of environmental protection in the flooring industry , many users have ” Tucao ” : Is the market by selling flooring products and corporate advertising the concept is not entirely propaganda floor the same world ?

Admittedly , at this stage of the flooring industry indeed there are some disadvantages can not be ignored , especially minority businesses, in order to obtain a higher degree of concern in product promotion stage play from flamboyant means , “zero -formaldehyde “, “super standards” and other concepts fried for a longer fire , the actual quality of the product but did not enhance the quality .

Self Test opportunistic, not from a high standard from low

Stage flooring industry brands everywhere, want to stand out among thousands of competitors , companies will naturally cost a lot of thought. In this one, a lot of companies want to sword easy road game, but did not correctly grasp the sense of proportion , and ultimately misguided , opportunistic embarked on the road .

In today’s information age, such a network , network publicity, press coverage is an important way to many flooring companies to promote their products , but also difficult to distinguish between true and false network information , but also to many companies from the drill holes . By Baidu , Sogou and other major search engines for the keyword ” green floor ” to search , you can view many brands on environmental test 100 percent qualified , environmental peace of mind , health, low-formaldehyde and other news reports, mostly for business news in this category , a variety of gimmick dazzling. But at the same time , for the keyword ” floor green light” to search , a row of shocking news media exposure immediately flooded the eye , which even many of them said earlier that 100 percent qualified products, healthy low formaldehyde brand. Such contradictory phenomena , can not help but ask, what exactly is the integrity of the industry ?

Improve self-test standards , companies increased attention

In this regard, the industry veteran said: few companies to hype the concept , often come up with some of the gimmicks . And its so-called 100 percent qualified , healthy low -formaldehyde , in fact, there are very obvious conceptual confusion . 100 percent qualified , based on what is the eligibility criteria ? Healthy low -formaldehyde , formaldehyde emission is what is the reference ? Long as these measures at issue, on the lower, not higher , what kind of gimmick hype these companies can be out .

To avoid ” misnomer ” situation happening again , the floor must implement the concept and improve their inspection standards. First, companies in all environmental advocacy , the product should be starting the actual situation , to avoid similar “zero -formaldehyde ” misleading concept ; Meanwhile , enterprises should consciously put a good product quality inspection first off , to avoid a handful of unqualified products into the market for corporate brand image and reputation losses.

In the industry , many companies for quality inspection of products not given due attention , even to the audit criteria adopted to lower, not higher policy . This is why many brands advertised with the slogan of 100 percent qualified , but was repeatedly exposed environmental quality reason. For the flooring business , the market not only as the battlefield, it is a melting pot , the only real gold was not afraid of fire, while ignoring the product and reputation of the enterprise , will be forced out of the impasse .

plant boxes plastic wood composite
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