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« Floor living home ground art

Freedom and break the magical culture of the two kernel. Also experienced depression, anxiety 2012, mankind’s common choice collective relaxation and willingness to go beyond. Composite wood fence panel

Flooring products, unconventional proportions, space staggered elements of cross-border combination of the color world, organic life has become a magical concept of the five major manifestations.

Unusual lines change; unconventional and even exaggerated proportions; Shop on the wall even on the ceiling of the floor; inlaid porcelain and gilded glass, inlaid copper and other cross-border combination of different materials; high-purity color matching; natural materials to create organic life, these fundamental changes in different combinations presented to the space design unlimited freedom, it can according to their own imagination to create their own living space, and is no longer subject to the limitations of the ground material itself. Porch flooring

The magic style floor has affected even began to dominate the style of the home, home more romantic, and changes in the relaxed atmosphere.

Floor living home ground art “magic” creator of the trend. In 2012, the new geometric series floor cone, arc irregular geometric patterns, completely changed the floor of the “square” face, the originator of the the magic trend in the art of ground. The CASA series the floor with its exaggerated color, to bring people unprecedented visual impact. Different materials, different patterns spliced ​​together and set in decorative materials Venice series, a breakthrough due to the creation of the richness of the material and the creative limitations, ground art With endless variations magical charm. Its latest life Baroque floor peptide series of products using pure plant elements in the production of soy protein binder, add zero aldehyde home life back to the original ecology of the natural environment from the industrial age.

Magic trends, spiritual freedom and regression; creative breakthrough and reconstruction. Means that our living space is no longer constrained by the material, but can be just as wanted to achieve the true mind. WPC exterior flooring

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