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Excessive formaldehyde emission has been the flooring industry ills , October 30 , Hunan Administration for Industry and Commerce issued ” in the third quarter 2013 circulation of goods quality inspection briefing ,” Kat Kat wood production as a result of formaldehyde emission floor The board does not meet quality standards Heibang .

Jixiang floor excessive formaldehyde emission

It is reported that Hunan Administration for Industry and Commerce issued ” in the third quarter 2013 circulation of goods quality inspection briefing ,” said the Trade and Industry from the distribution unit Hunan Changsha , Yueyang , Hunan Autonomous Prefecture , Loudi four regions flooring sample of 47 samples tested group qualified 27 groups , 20 groups failed . Impregnation which a nominal trademark ” Jixiang floor,” Specification for the “1210mm * 125mm * 12mm”, the production date ” 16 July 2011 ” , nominal production enterprise as ” Jixiang Wood ,” the paper laminated wood flooring due to formaldehyde emissions do not meet the standard requirements convicted of substandard products.

Kat publicly available information as Wood site , international Plantation Timber Products Group ( PTP Wood ) is the largest subsidiary of Asia ‘s Wood is a Chinese high -density and deep -processed products supplier. Current products include high -density fiberboard , decorative panels, laminate flooring , Kat Wood in high-density fiberboard areas occupy the high-end thin (6mm and below thickness specifications ) 70 % of the market , covering furniture, packaging , decoration and building materials industries more than 120 processing companies , to become the preferred supplier of raw materials . Strengthen the wooden floor in the field , Kat is one of the top 10 Chinese laminate flooring . And Asia is Asia’s largest wood laminate flooring , one of the high-density fiberboard , particleboard manufacturers and vendors.

There is so deep background and claiming to be ” one of the top 10 Chinese to strengthen the wooden floor ” of a company , its products fell into “formaldehyde door” crisis.

The floor was seized , said consumers can not trust unqualified

Jixiang floor was sampling failed , how the market situation ? Consumers and how to see it ?

Recently , this reporter visited Beijing several major building materials stores , many consumers have expressed an interview for Industry and Commerce and flooring products quality supervision checks failed distrust . Chen is preparing to decorate the house , said , “We bought the house floor mounted , first look at the quality is good , environmental protection is the most important indicator , and then choose the appropriate color. Kyrgyzstan floor was diagnosed as formaldehyde , great danger , we will not consider . ” Beijing Ms. Dong also said ,” Do you have children at home , flooring formaldehyde emission exceeded endanger the child’s physical health in particular , first consider the environmental indicators when buying home decoration materials , and will definitely choose carefully . ”

Kat responded that the floor plate is like its own factory

Reporters call Jixiang Wood , wanted to know ” whether still selling substandard products ? Companies have not taken retrospective recall and other measures ” and ” formaldehyde emission unqualified reason ? ” The company’s marketing manager , said Yang Rong “unqualified has stopped selling the product , ” on ” whether to take a retrospective measures and formaldehyde emission failure cause ” did not respond . She also said, ” have confidence in the product , sheet flooring is used to produce its own factory. Enterprises enterprise standard , but much higher than the national standard .”

This time, Kat was diagnosed as flooring formaldehyde emission failure, the batches of substandard products retrospective case is unknown , the reason is still a mystery.

Business-to ” have confidence in the product ” is a good thing, but the reason for failure to conduct a thorough formaldehyde emission tracing, to improve issues arising from the source to the transfer of qualified products market is the most important , but also the real needs of consumers the . Blind faith may only cover defects in production management .

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