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Recently, the Second National Building Decoration Industry Technology Conference was held at the National Convention Center Grand Ballroom . The theme of the conference is “technology -driven development, green lead the future” , which from the side of the decoration industry had not paid enough attention to technological innovation . As an important part of the decoration of the industry, this time on the floor facing the industry innovation is not enough , the homogenization of serious embarrassment.

In recent years, the rapid development of China’s flooring industry has made remarkable achievements . With the intense competition in the market continues flooring , flooring industry profits are getting lower and lower , and therefore the sales floor terminals in trouble , plus flooring product homogeneity serious phenomenon continues , flooring market more ” tight .”

” Development of China’s flooring industry, there are still problems , including serious homogenization of the flooring industry , the overall industry decline in gross profit margin ; brand creates low capacity ; low degree of automation , efficiency is not high ; higher degree of resource dependence , as China’s resource tax the levy , rising costs will further reduce corporate profits . ” Investment Advisor in the building materials industry researcher������said in the “China Sankei Shimbun ” reporter .

Reporters found in the survey , the shop floor in front of a lot of businesses are bristling a “peer into Mo ” sign , I feel very strange. When asked why there is that their brand , a dealer tells the whole story : “Now the flooring industry is very competitive, with the customer to see samples when we are going coffers, can not see because of peer to peer once saw . our flooring styles , flew out to suit the style will be elsewhere , like us on the floor , they are imitations of the floor , while the average consumer can not identify them , those imitations have a very clear price advantage , so that our business is even more difficult to do genuine . ”

Dealer ‘s remarks, to say the current problems facing the flooring industry , the homogenization of competition has seriously affected the flooring industry ‘s survival. The nature of the floor is to develop , but the biggest feature of Chinese flooring industry is imitation, the appearance of the floor and made almost the same, thus innovation becomes a victim. Zouming Xiao said that the flooring industry homogenization serious reason is the shorter chain , low barriers to entry , entrants attracted to swarm ; followed by a lack of innovation, and not pay attention to the intrinsic value inherent in the floor , but simply defined according to the type of material .

Lower floor industry production technology , one of the drawbacks of low technology brings, is the product homogeneity, due to technical content is too low , the new product into the market can easily be imitated, and even some producers to improve the process of imitation launch new products more than the original appeal “refurbished product .” But this is often not the product quality assurance. To get the flooring business development, we must in the new round of information technology revolution , through technological innovation , and constantly improve the technological content of flooring products and expand their scope of services, improve the quality of service enterprises , in order to promote the continuous development and flooring industry progress.

Zouming Xiao believes that the future of the flooring industry should focus on product innovation, the concept of innovation , increase the intrinsic value of the floor, avoiding the homogenization of competition. In addition , brand building is important , brand value requires quality products as a good basis to form a unique style , in-depth consumer’s hearts . Finally , due to the sales floor area of ??the larger , and location related to increases in rent costs rising , the future of e-commerce transaction platform , enterprises can reduce the cost of sales , will focus on brand building enterprises Forced to brand to attract consumers to buy.

Although on the whole , the current sales prospects flooring industry is not optimistic, but the market downturn is only temporary, in the long run , China’s flooring industry ‘s future is still full of sunshine. With the development of urbanization accelerates , flooring demand will grow further and usher in a new round of the season . In addition , the national launch of 36 million units of affordable housing will become the new “battlefield” home consumption. As the flooring industry , we must seize the opportunity to actively innovate.

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